Welcome to visit Wihuri of the Week!

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Rovaniemi Art Museum will gather miniature exhibitions in the glass vitrine on Lapinkävijäntie facade. Wihuri of the Week exhibitions change weekly and are open for people passing by 24/7.

Like other cultural institutions, the Rovaniemi Art Museum has been closed for the time being. However, the museum wants to bring art experiences to the people of Rovaniemi.

The Wihuri of the Week  miniature exhibitions are brought together from the exhibition Merry Things, a compilation of Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection. The works in the exhibition aim not only to promote positive thoughts but also to raise questions about what we can consider as merry things.

This little exhibition will hopefully bring joy and awaken your thoughts. Joy like sadness is a very personal emotional experience and different things bring joy to different people.

Wihuri Foundation Collection with over 3,200 works of Finnish contemporary art and is one of the most significant art collections in Finland.