THE SNOWBALL EFFECT 2 – North-Finnish Art Biennale 13.6.–28.9.2014

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Exhibition history 2010-2014

Exhibition shows a vast variety of contemporary art in the north of Finland. Snowball Effect – Northern Finland Biennale would be organized every two years and after Rovaneimi it will be co-organized by the Kemi Art Museum and the Aine Art Museum during the year 2016.

153 artists offered their works for the exhibition. Curator Laura Köönikkä chose 56 artists for the Snowball Effect in Rovaniemi. The exhibition is in Korundi and in Arktikum.

“I think the works I selected for the exhibition represent the state of contemporary art very well. Humour, sensitivity, opinions and various themes such as nature, love and humanity are included in the entity. I hope exhibition visitors will find contacting surfaces that speak to them – regardless of where works were created, where visitors were born or where they live.

Snowball Effect provided me an attracting possibility to see and experience art new for me as well as a desire to find and show the special quality of North-Finnish art; yet, I want to emphasize the independence of the exhibition as a regional emergence. I would like to think about the atmosphere of the exhibition poetically as a group of works that have come to tell their stories beside a big North-Finnish campfire, where they now invite the public to listen to their stories
.”  -  Laura Köönikkä, Curator

WihuriEffect is a new northern art prize of 5 000 € by the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation. The art consultants of the foundation Liisa Lindgren and Jukka Mäkelä have chosen Kaija Kiuru with her art work Lost Lives the winner of the WihuriEffect prize. They praise the impressive visual strength of the art work. Lost Lives is current and it speaks to us in a touching and compassionate way about human pain in the crises of the world.