KRISTIINA WIHERHEIMO 7.12.2012–10.2.2013

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Exhibition history 2010-2014

Wiherheimo, originally from Rovaniemi, has during her notably long career worked both in the fields of visual arts and design. Central themes of her works are large colourful surfaces, lights and shadows.

Kristiina Wiherheimo was born in Rovaniemi, by the Kemijoki river in Oikarainen. During her long career, she has worked in the fields of art and design. She is at the same time an artisan, researcher and artist. She explores and combines materials, colors, working methods and procedures. She easily shifts from one technique to another; from felting to dying, from coating to drawing, scraping, building, and so fort.

Vast color surfaces, lights, and shadows play a central role in Kristiina Wiherheimo’s art works. The works don’t directly depict nature but the spaciousness of the northern landscape can be sensed in some of them. Her deliberate installations, works both big and small, reflect the bright colors and the forms of nature in her childhood surroundings. The exhibition in Korundi is a journey through time and space. It is a journey to the childhood and youth spent by the Kemijoki river.

The exhibition is supported by Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation, Ornamo Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Pirkanmaan Kotityö Oy, and SAAS Instruments.
Exhibition architect: Yrjö Wiherheimo.