ENCOUNTERS 1.3.–7.9.14

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Exhibition history 2010-2014

People meet each other in restaurants, street cafes, alongside with hobbies or within traffic. Encounters can result in falling in love, finding your mate, family and children. We can meet face to face, hide behind the masks, and peek through to the past or to the future. The exhibition of contemporary Finnish art presents encounters, seen through artists´eyes.

The characters of Reijo Raekallio and Sakari Marila meet each other in a bar. The ice-hockey players of Petri Hytönen meet above a cloud while the vacuum cleaner seller of Janne Kaitala has become covered by a dust cloud. The young ones of Jaakko Heikkilä have come together to the beach to feed seagulls. In the traffic by Arto Korhonen people meet just briefly. Niilo Hyttinen’s paparazzis look at people through the camera lens. How do the school children accept the surrogate teacher in Viggo Wallensgöld’s class?

People in love meet each other in romantic places. In the art works of Maiju Salmenkivi and Arto Liiti, this kind of place is the beach. For Tarmo Paunu, the romantic season is spring. Bedroom is a likely place for people in love. In Marja Pirilä’s art work Camera Obscura, the cloud of happiness overcomes the atmosphere of the bedroom. Where do the happy ones of Seela Petra Lehtonen float?

Jaakko Heikkilä’s Gunnar and Frans look at us courageously in the face in the large photographs. The eyes of Antti Ojala’s people stare straight to us, too. A bit more withdrawn glances we can see on the faces of Jaana Erkkilä’s young ladies. Juha Nenonen’s Riina pretends to be nervous. Faces communicate emotions and many times they reveal different matters than words. If we don’t meet face to face but via media, does part of the message remain not passed on?

Who is behind the mask in Maria Kausalainen’s art works? What does Pauno Pohjolainen’s veil cover? What do Heidi Romo’s characters dressed in fruit want to tell us? Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen’s person meets an angel. We meet an angel in Mia Hamari’s sculpture, too. Through art, we can meet even skeletons on a pink beach as in Emil Karila’s painting.