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New and Newest exhibition shows the latests purchases to the art museum's collection.

The art collection of Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundation is owned by Rovaniemi art museum. Every year Finnish contemporary art is bought to the collection and given to the city of Rovaniemi, where Rovaniemi art museum takes care of it. The experts named by the foundation choose the art works that fit to the collection. At the moment named experts are PhD. Liisa Lindgren and sculptor Pekka Kauhanen. Collection is used to build exhibitions in Korundi and time to time other museums as well. Korundi also often lends individual art works to different exhibitions, so they are possible to be seen in museum exhibitions of Southern Finland.
In a year 2014 the art donation included 63 art works. At the moment the collection includes over 3000 art works from the essential Finnish artists. New and newest exhibition is built to the three halls, upstairs of the art museum in three themes.

Tarja Pitkänen-Walter has brought her colors outside of the frames in her art work ”Paint Plays Painting.” Paula Holopainen is wondering the busyness of city life in series of paintings “Time Is Always”. Janne Kaitala is highlighting, that his paintings are not representing anything but lines and colors. The names of Heikki Marila’s art works Exelsior 4 and 5 are refering to rising. Therefore the artist is hinting by names that the vertical lines of the paintings makes the eyes rise and not lower. Kaija Kiuru’s art work ”Lost Lives” won the first prize in WihuriEfekt in 2014. Colorful blankets lead the viewer’s thoughts to the past and refugees.

Kaarina Kaikkonen uses clothes to make art. The art work:”The Queen of the Night” represents shoes changed to be insects. Paavo Halonen’s ”Hepsankeikka” has its base from baby’s slippers. Kirsi Kaulanen pays attention to the destruction of nature with her sculptures, like her light installation:”Our Most Beautiful Endangered Plants”. Maija Helasvuo’s bronze sculptures from the series ”Strange Fruits” and Heimo Suntio’s ”Crocodiel Table” includes a portion of humor. The sensitive watercolors of Senja Vellonen are exploring the essence of fruits.

Large face studies and people’s heads has been the object of interest for many artists in past few years. Kari Vehosalo’s ”Doppelgänger I”, Leena Nio’s ”Twist II” and Sami Lukkarinen’s ”Riiko” are approaching the subject in their own personal styles. The heads of Kuutti Lavonen are often picturing anonym persons from religion or archetypes familiar from antique. Liisa Hietanen’s crocheted “Sirpa” and “Pirkko” are so real, that the viewer makes the mistake to think they are alive. Markku Heikkilä is representing in the picture “Shepherd” his grandmother who had the smallest herd of world; one cow. Elina Merenmies makes human and nature closer and even nested to each other.

19.6.2015 - 29.5.2016 11:00 AM–6:00 PM