ENTROPY – Out from Chaos or was it vice versa

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Rovaniemi Art Museum, Korundi has a special exhibition that combines contemporary art with new circus! This one of a kind exhibition is conducted together with professional new circus artists. One of the art works of the exhibition is a performance that moves in the exhibition space.

30-logo_150.jpgMulti-artistic work connects the members of the Entropy working group. Dance artist Marjo Selin, scenographer Riikka Vuorenmaa and producer Joonas Martikainen represent Monitaideyhdistys Piste (multi-art association) in Rovaniemi. Circus artists Marjo Ylikorva and Miika Nuutinen, and poet-musician Juha Rautio work in Agit-Cirk, the circus and music association running in different places in Finland. Even if the artists have a long shared history, Entropy is the first production by this assembly.

The performance is inspired by the art works and deepens the exhibition experience. There are 20 public performances that are included in the entrance fee. It is also possible to book a private performance for groups.

Public performances:
30.9. at 6 pm
1.10. and 2.10. at 2 pm
27.10. at 6 pm
28.10. at 9.30 am
29.10. and 30.10. at 2 pm
17.11. at 6 pm
18.11. at 9.30 am
19.11. and 20.11. at 2 pm
2.12. at 5 pm
3.12. at 2 pm
9.12. at 9.30 am
10.and 11.12. at 2 pm
16.12. at 9.30 am
17.12. at  2 pm

Private performances for groups
Ask for an offer at sales@korundi.fi / +358 50 378 7761

Working group
Performing artists: Marjo Selin, Juha Rautio, Miika Nuutinen, Marjo Ylikorva
Music and texts: Juha Rautio

Skenography: Riikka Vuorenmaa
Producer: Joonas Martikainen
Costumes: Rauni Lönnström
Production: Monitaideyhdistys Piste, circus and music association Agit-Cirk and Rovaniemi Art Museum

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Picture: Juha Rautio and Miika Nuutinen, Agit-Cirk. Painting: Kati Immonen, In Green Marinade. Photo: Arto Liiti

30.9.2016 - 18.12.2016 11:00 AM–6:00 PM