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Pertti Lohiniva is one of the most significant artists who has had a lengthy career in Lapland. The jubilee exhibition offers a view into his most recent artworks. The basis of these is a question of whether the landscape is experienced or seen.

Lohiniva doesn’t consciously observe the landscape, but concentrates on the emotions it generates. One cannot find a realistic landscape in his artworks, but merely a suggestion of it- images, atmosphere, and hues. The strongly abstract paintings are mindscapes that come and go like the changing weather.

The thick and the thinner, breathing layers of color form the picturesque surface. The artworks are abstract landscapes without an attachment to the tradition of landscape painting.

In his artworks Pertti Lohiniva processes something that is familiar and present to everyone, yet still an abstract topic: time. The history in itself is not important though, but the force of change in time. It can be a momentarily event or the passing of thousand years. Time always leaves a mark on everyone. Sometimes Lohiniva portrays the mark of time by washing and rubbing a thick layer of color until it appears thin and fragile, worn out by time. Sometimes the mark is like something ribbed or hewn from the stone.

Next to time, the space is an important element. One can step inside the artworks and move in both time and the different levels of space. Every artwork has a story, but the artist wants the viewers to find their own truth from them.

Thu 20th September at 6 pm

Photo: Pertti Lohiniva: Small Stuff, 2013. Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection, Rovaniemi Art Museum.

9/21/2018–1/6/2019 11:00 AM–6:00 PM