Performance: Titta Court & Auri Ahola: Tykky

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The dance piece Tykky, created in collaboration by Auri Ahola and Titta Court, dance artists from Lapland, was produced for the Spirit of “North” exhibition. The artists wanted to fade out the human body, and awaken the viewers’ imagination based on the form of a tree covered in crown snow load, known in Finnish as ‘tykky’.

The key idea is that in the same way as people can comfort each other and bring hope by means of art, nature, too, comforts and supports humans in times of hardship – even if people are in the process of destroying nature.

Nobody knows how long the winters will be snowy and trees covered in crown snow load in Lapland. Our aim is to inspire a dialogue, through art, and encourage the viewers and experiencers to challenge their personal relationship with nature – or, indeed, the lack of it.

The artistic work of Auri Ahola, based in Inari, and Titta Court, based in Tornio, is defined by nature in Lapland, the long distances and acting outside growth centres. Tykky brings together the experiences and views of two artists of different ages and from different backgrounds, and our common concerns about the future of nature.

Idea, choreography and dance: Auri Ahola and Titta Court
Costumes: Riikka Matala
Light design: Jukka Huitila
11/23/2019 3:00 PM–3:30 PM