Line of Life from Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection

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The artworks in the collection of Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation are presented in an exhibition that tells about a person in the midst of change and personal encounter and about the space around us. The key works in the exhibition have been chosen by youth from Rovaniemi, who are involved in the Flow from Art project.

The works emphasize the fleeting moments of life, different emotional states, and experiences of presence and absence. As the name of the exhibition suggests, the common denominator for many works is a line that travels curly or straight, drawing a landscape, an emotional state, or the boundaries of our body.

What kind of atmosphere is conveyed from the quiet cityscape in Mauri Kuitula's painting, The Empty City? What about Hanna Westerberg's The Solar Bed? In Tiina Heiska's paintings, children, with backs turned draw the viewers into the space and moment, waiting for something to happen. Noora Schroderus, on the other hand, has depicted a tired state of mind in a warmly humorous way in her photographs, in which the artist sometimes lies on the floor of a gallery, art museum or studio. Pentti Kaskipuro, Essi Korva, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko and Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen also represent descriptions of childhood, youth and, for example, artistry.

Dream, space, erotica and hangover also have their own place in the exhibition. The closeness to the taste for life is emphasized, for example, in Senja Vellonen's series of watercolor paintings Harvest Season, and the mood of a long evening can be felt in Jani Hänninen's work The Morning After. A dark landscape, a nightmare or a hiding place can be represented by Leena Luostarinen's Winter Palace III and Anne Tompuri's Forest. In Mika Karhu's ink drawings, The Forgotten and Sleeping One, the character, barely visible, is like a bygone memory, or a dream.

The Flow from Art project is carried out in cooperation with Rovaniemi Outreach Youth Work.

Artists in the exhibition:
Andersson Ville, Enegren Matilda, Enkenberg Erno, Estarriola Anna, Haimila Sanna, Hänninen Jani, Hietanen Liisa, Huhta Jari, Hulkko Irmeli, Hyrkkänen Anna, Immonen Teija, Järvinen Anna Emilia, Jokelainen Kirsi, Karhu Mika, Karvonen Otto, Kaskipuro Pentti, Korva Essi, Koskinen Anne, Kuitula Mauri, Lampenius Heidi, Lukkarinen Sami, Luostarinen Leena, Mäkikoskela Ville, Mäkilä Jarmo, Nabb+Teeri, Nampajärvi Erkki, Pesonen Liisa, Pohjola Ulla, Rannikko Vesa-Pekka, Rissanen Markus, Ruotsalo Panu, Schroderus Noora, Suntio Heimo, Toivanen Milla, Tompuri Anne, Turakka-Purhonen Pauliina, Vellonen Senja, Westerberg Hanna

Photo: Mika Karhu: Forgotten, 2018 (detail)


10/9/2020–4/25/2021 11:00 AM–6:00 PM