Ilona Kivijärvi: Incognito and the Last Rhino

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Ilona Kivijärvi (b. 1960) is best known as a visual, performance and textile artist. Kivijärvi's exhibition Incognito and the Last Rhino will be on show at Rovaniemi Art Museum in the winter 2020.

Ilona Kivijärvi combines the techniques of art in a unique way. As the artist of the north, the experience of nature also becomes a strong theme and is reflected in the name of the exhibition.
- The name of the exhibition took shape when I read the news about the fate of an animal soon to be extinct. I feel that all our actions affect the balance of the world which we have transformed into a laboratory of our own needs.

The exhibition combines past and future. In her own words, Kivijärvi looks back "just a little", continuously updating what has already been seen and done.
-New works are always the children of their predecessors. I am a servant of the intuition. My respect for the energies of both art and life is sacred to me.

11/6/2020–1/31/2021 11:00 AM–6:00 PM