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ISEAS held a symposium in August 2020 and January of this year with the support of the Kone Foundation in Äkäslompolo. The symposium was attended by 17 artists and researchers as well as 75 locals. The goal of the symposium was art-based conflict mediation. The exhibition Conversation born from the project will be on presented in Rovaniemi Art Museum during summer 2021.

The exhibition Conversation features documentary recordings, artistic research and works of art on three topics: forest disputes, mining conflict and powers of nature. The exhibition features also videos shot by Iranian Amir Abd and Linus Westerlund, also photographs by Touko Hujanen. Artistic director of the exhibition is curator, visual artist and creator of the symposium, Katja Juhola.

Artist Katja Juhola, Spanish artist Misha del Val, painter Satu Kalliokuusi and the forest researcher Ville Hallikainen worked in the Forest Disputes group. In their works, artists use their expressions, such as painting and video art.

The Mining Conflict group included painter Raisa Raekallio from Kittilä, community artist Tanja Koistinen, photographer Meeri Koutaniemi and researcher Joette Crosier. The exhibition also features Timo Jokela's video work Kuer's Journey, which comments on Hannukainen's mining dispute.

Theoretical point of the Powers of Nature group is to extend the dialogue of community art from people to non-human nature as well as to the spirits of nature. The group includes Chilean choreographer Hugo Peña, Romanian Smaranda Moldovan, Maria Huhmarniemi and English researcher Francis Joy.

ISEAS 2020-21 has been supported by Kone Foundation.

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6/18/2021–9/12/2021 11:00 AM–6:00 PM