Enchantment of Fairytales – Janusz Grabiański’s Illustrations

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Janusz Grabiański (1929 – 1976) was Polish illustrator and graphic designer who is known especially as the illustrator of children’s books.

Grabiański studied in Kraków Art Academy during 1950–1951 and then moved on to Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts for 1952–1955. He did illustrations for the Austrian publishing house Ueberreiter since 1958 until he passed away. His books received several Polish and international awards.

Grabiański’s illustrations for many well-known fairy tales such as Puss in Boots, Tom Thumb and The Ugly Duckling are on display at the exhibition in Rovaniemi Art Museum. The delightful illustrations bring to mind the fairytale books from one’s own childhood. Grabiański’s illustrations are often drawings filling in the whole page and colorful aquarelles. His delicate style is captivating and with the effortless brush strokes he made the pictures look alive. During his lifetime Grabiański illustrated books by numerous well-known authors: Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, Mark Twain, Grimm brothers and Enid Blyton. He was also known for plenty of stamp illustrations and Polish airline posters. The books illustrated by Grabiański were translated and published in other countries as well. During 1960s and 1970s ten books were published in Finnish. These books are on display at the exhibition.

The exhibition celebrates Poland’s 100th anniversary. The Honorary Consulate of Poland in Rovaniemi and the Rovaniemi area Finland-Poland Association together with the Embassy of Poland have organized the exhibition.

9/21/2018 11:00 AM–1/6/2019 6:00 PM