NAN-Northern Art network

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NAN - Northern Art Network

The Network is an association of museums and cultural institutions throughout the Circumpolar North. The intent is to exchange ideas, resources, artists, artwork, and to hold an annual meeting in the Circumpolar North.

Arktisen_alueen_taidemuseot_01.jpgThe main objective of the network is the accessibility of Arctic art and the mutual cultural heritage. The network was founded in 2014 by Rovaniemi Art Museum and Anchorage Museum from Alaska. The other members come from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Canada and Switzerland. 

The network aims at free, critical and inventive discussion about art and cultural organizations. The purpose is to take out the significance of art, cultural heritage and art education of the Arctic, and deliver information to experts, researchers and to the general public. The innovative cooperation and exchanging experiences develop and strengthen the practices of the museums and build a firm base to the coming projects.

During the constitutive meeting in 2014, there was a large exhibition of contemporary Sámi art at Rovaniemi Art Museum. It was really an excellent milieu for the future NAN. 

The meeting places:
Alaska, Anchorage Museum, 2015
Russia, Archangel Art Museum, 2016
Canada, Yukon Art Center, 2018
Finland, Rovaniemi Art Museum, 2018