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Exhibition history 2010-2014
  • 10/11

    The 7th Wave - Wihuri and Visual Art 11.10.13-16.2.14

    The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Art Collection is one of the most important art collections in Finland. Representing a cross-section of Finnish art from the 1940s to the present, it comprises approximately 3,000 works. The collection has been donated to the Rovaniemi Art Museum.

  • 10/11

    CLASSIC OF THE SEASON 11.10.2013-16.2.2014, Gallen-Kallela, Lemminkäinen's Mother

    The painting illustrates a passage from the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. It illustrates a poem where hero Lemminkäinen has died and his mother has dredged the pieces of her son's lifeless body from the river of Tuonela and sown them together again. She is shown waiting for the bee, a messenger of the god Ukko, to bring her honey from the gods to bring her son to life again.

  • 10/11

    HILKKA UKKOLA 11.10.–8.12.2013

    Ukkola lives and works in Muonio. Typical for her graphic art is a scanty scale of colors and themes from nature. Late autumn and early winter are particularly exhilarating time for this graphic artist who gets her inspiration from nature; colors and values become simplified and the lacy structures of stems and branches of trees come better out.

  • 9/13

    RESONANT IMAGE - Tapio Lötjönen, Juan Antonio Muro ja Tapani Tamminen 13.9.13-12.1.2014

    Two forms of art, visual arts and music, are mainly presented in Korundi. There is no need to explain these two fields of art, which can be sensed with the eye and ear, by means of text or speech, because they speak their own international language. This creates a special interesting feature into the nature of the cultural house. Tapio Lötjönen, Juan Antonio Muro and Tapani Tamminen, who also have strong positions in the field of music, display their works of visual arts.

  • 6/7


    The exhibition casts a view on folk art in Lapland and Iceland and its colorful world. The self-educated present folk artists - ITE-artists - are free from conventions and take their own course. Lapland is a productive area for ITE-art where creativity blossoms in a rich and diverse way.

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