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Exhibition history 2014-
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Exhibition history 2010-2014
  • 6/12

    THE SNOWBALL EFFECT 2 – North-Finnish Art Biennale 13.6.–28.9.2014

    Exhibition shows a vast variety of contemporary art in the north of Finland. Snowball Effect – Northern Finland Biennale would be organized every two years and after Rovaneimi it will be co-organized by the Kemi Art Museum and the Aine Art Museum during the year 2016.

  • 6/11

    11.6–7.9.2014 The River Ounasjoki Flows from the Land of the Midnight Sun / Reidar Särestöniemi

    Reidar Särestöniemi (1925-1981) was a Lappish painter. The exhibition presents important topic to Reidar, his love to nature and a person.

  • 3/20

    ENCOUNTERS 1.3.–7.9.14

    People meet each other in restaurants, street cafes, alongside with hobbies or within traffic. Encounters can result in falling in love, finding your mate, family and children. We can meet face to face, hide behind the masks, and peek through to the past or to the future. The exhibition of contemporary Finnish art presents encounters, seen through artists´eyes.

  • 2/19

    SÁMI CONTEMPORARY 7.3.-25.5.2014

    The international exhibition will present over 20 Sámi artists, focusing on high quality and challenging works of contemporary art. Artists discuss specific values and practices from inside Sámi culture and contemporary global art. The Sami are the northernmost indigenous people of Europe, who have their own culture and own languages.

  • 12/10

    THREE WHITES – Anu Pentik 13.12.–16.2.2014

    Ceramist artist Anu Pentik displays three spatial installations, each with different atmospheres. The focus is in the dialogue of white ceramics and light.

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