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Rovaniemi Art Museum sets its main focus on Finnish contemporary art and Northern art.

In its yearly exhibition program the museum introduces works from artists who wheather work in North or are born there. The exhibition program also includes exhibitions from the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection as well as some interesting insights into Finnish and international conteporary art. Museum activities based on interaction of art with science, culture, the local multicultural community and the University of Lapland all strive for accessibility.


Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation collection

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation collection, donated to Rovaniemi city, is one of the finest collections of contemporary Finnish art. The foundation started to buy art in 1957. From the very beginning, the aim was to create a collection of good quality. The foundation continues to buy art and the money has increased through years. Now there are more than 3000 art works in the collection. According to the agreement, also Rovaniemi city has a small budget to buy art.

The decision to donate the art collection to Rovaniemi was made 15.8.1983. In 1986, in the opening speech of the art museum Rakel Wihuri said that ‘the collection was donated to you because you have nothing here yet’. One reason for donation might be the fact that Leena Peltola, the artistic expert of the foundation, was born in Rovaniemi and the wife to Tapani Raittila, the other expert, was born in Rovaniemi, too.

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation collection has followed the development of Finnish art from the 40s until now. The collection is not inclusive but it gives a good view of the art from the 60s onwards. Both celebrated, and young and talented artists can get their art works to the collection. Changes in visual art and new methods can be seen there. The early purchases were pieces of graphics, small sculptures and paintings. The size of the art works has grown much larger and various experiments with materials have come along as well as installations, photo and video art.

Most of our artists live in the South Finland but there is also plenty of Lappish contemporary art in this collection. Getting a significant art collection to Rovaniemi can be regarded as an outstanding cultural achievement.

The collection has been acquired works that make the heart vibrating.

Rovaniemi city collection
Rovaniemi Art Museum is also responsible for taking care of the Rovaniemi city collection. The focus of the collection is on artists born in Lapland or currently living there. Some works of art are being bought every year from different exhibitions and also directly from the artists. All the works in the collection are placed in the city’s offices. The collection has already more than 1000 works of art.

Andreas Alariesto: I have made these pictures, due to the current and future generation will not actually know the course of the past or ancestral life, and my paintbrush stop to moving back and forth.

Sipilä collection
The Sipilä collection consists of 35 graphic prints of Aukusti Tuhka. The works were left to the Rovaniemi Art Museum by will.

State Guarantee Fund collection
In 1994 the Finnish National Gallery deposited 64 works of art to the Rovaniemi Art Museum. The works are a part of Säästöpankki collection.

Finnish Cultural Foundation collection

In 2000 the Finnish Cultural Foundation donated a photograph collection of 96 pictures to the Rovaniemi Art Museum. Its a series of photographs by Matti Saanio called Lapin eiliset kuvat / Lapland pictures of yesterday.

Westerlund collection
In 2001 Rauni Westerlund donated a collection of 97 works of art to the Rovaniemi Art Museum. It consists of works by Nikolai Iszelennov, Maria Lagorio and Adelaide de Lagorio.


Collection online

Our Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation collection contains over 3 500 works of contemporary Finnish art.
The collection is available online.


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Curator (art education)

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Rovaniemen taidemuseo / Rovaniemi Art Museum
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Rovaniemi Art Museum Friends

Rovaniemi Art Museum Friends was founded in 2005. The purpose of the association is to support and advance the working and research of Rovaniemi Art Museum and deepen its members’ knowledge in visual arts. The association organizes lectures, visits and tours.

Membership fees
20 e / a year
10 e pensioners, unemployed, students, conscripts
150 e lifetime member / single payment
100 e supporting member (society, enterprise)

If you want to join in, please contact us by e-mail: Rovaniemen taidemuseon ystävät 
Korundi library

You will also find a library in Korundi. On the second floor of the exhibition is located in the middle of a charming living room, where you can rest or browse the books. A library of books are mostly art books and complement the Rovaniemi City Library and the library of the University of Lapland supply. The research library is a source of information to the museum visitors, museum staff and researchers of contemporary art. The bulk of its collection consists of books on contemporary art, exhibition publications and museum collection catalogues. Books are not available for loan.

The catalogued items of the library can be found in the Library system of Lapland.

Contact information:
Korundi Library
Lapinkävijäntie 4
FI-96100 Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 2114
E-mail: ulla.metsälehto(at)