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Korundi House of Culture is the host for Lapland Chamber Orchestra, and Rovaniemi Art Museum. In addition to hosting regular concerts and art exhibitions, Korundi also offers an excellent venue for a wide variety of other special events, business meetings, and conferences. The concert hall has first-class acoustics that suit a wide range of music styles such as pop music performers, acoustic guitars, military band, and so on. Moreover, the concert hall’s technical features will enable you to combine visual arts and music as well as digital film screenings.

As an event organiser, you can combine your event with the offerings of the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, and/or the Rovaniemi Art Museum.

Renting facilities

Korundi House of Culture’s facilities can be rented for various events, concerts and conferences.

The Korundi Sales Service can help you to organise your event:
Telephone: +358 50 378 7761

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Meeting and catering services.pdf

Space  m² Seats  Buffet and
Seated meal with serving
 Concert hall 303,4 340    
 Meeting room 40 18    
 Art hall A1 361   200  
 Art halls A2–A4 75-79   30  
 Art hall Y1–Y5 153-162   100  
 Foyer 118,9   50  
 Restaurant 150,6 100 300 100

Korundi hall

Korundi House of Culture’s Concert Hall is a first-rate music venue. The main purpose when designing the hall was to create a high-quality music hall. The hall was designed to serve multiple musical performances and to host many types of event, with special attention in keeping the highest standard for delivering high quality of acoustic music. Due to its size and design, the Concert Hall can also be used for conferences, lectures, large educational groups, audio-visual presentations, and film screenings. The Concert Hall’s capacity is 340 pax.


The Concert Hall has been designed and equipped to enable a variety of musical performances as well as lectures and speeches. The systems are designed to meet every performance’s requirements, and can be supplemented with additional rental equipment when necessary.

The control room is situated at the back of the hall. This closed room is the primary room for operating the technical systems, especially in the context of acoustic concerts. The control room is also the place where A/V equipment and other sources can be placed and installed.

The Concert Hall has been designed and equipped to enable a variety of musical performances as well as lectures and speeches. The systems are designed to meet every performance’s requirements, and can be supplemented with additional rental equipment when necessary.

The lighting system consists of a compact dimmer and control system, which is used to control a 72-channel, fixed dimmer system, and the DMX-controlled relays in the dimmer cabinet.

The video systems enable the effects required for performances and meet the needs of conference and lecture use. The A/V control system can be used to control video sources (DVD, VHS), volume, DSP routing, and lighting events.

Panorama of Korundi hall

Korundi hall technology

Meeting room

The meeting room is intended for smaller meetings, workshops, and group work. It is also suitable as a break room for concert performers or private dining room for small groups. A laptop computer and a data projector are available for the meeting room. Maximum capacity of the meeting room is 20 pax.

Art halls

Rovaniemi Art Museum’s Exhibition Hall is also available for rent for special events. The rooms are decked with magnificent artworks create unique atmosphere in each room.

Art halls A1–A4

The A art halls are located on the ground floor. The largest of the halls, A1, is divided into two sections: a 297,8 m² main area and a 64 m² back area. A cargo lift, large enough to hold a car, is located between these areas.

Art halls Y1–Y5

The Y art halls are located on the upper floor. These halls can be rented for various private events that are held outside the Art Museum’s opening hours.

Y1-sali 960x400.jpg

The foyer is a room with great acoustics. The room is suited for 30–50 pax meetings, workshops, dinings or cocktail-events.

Korundi Café

Korundi Café provides its services to daily exhibition guests as well as to concert and event audiences.

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Reservation-Only restaurant services

Reservation-Only restaurant services are available for events held at Korundi House of Culture. The café-restaurant features 100 seats and is licensed to serve alcohol.

Examples of menus:

Price list for ordered coffee servings
Cocktail menus
Buffet menus
Dinner menus
Conference and group lunch, Monday-Friday
Conference and group lunch, Saturday
Conference and group servings, climate and locality

To find out more about our offer for business meetings, or any other special events, please contact us by email or phone +358 50 378 7761

Panorama of Korundi Café

Intermission refreshments

Korundi Café serves guests during intermission and opens one hour before concert/event starts.


You can order intermission refreshments and servings in advance at Korundi information.


Mundo coffee  2,80 €
Tea  2,20 €
Soft drink (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta)  2,80 €
Granini -juice (orange or apple)  2,50 €
Grandi –juice box  1,90 €

Beer 0,33l  5,50 €
Seasonal beer  8,00 €
Cider 0,33l  6,50 €
Long Drink 0,33l  7,00 €
Piccolo red wine / white wine / sparkling wine  9,00 €

Sweet bun (LF)     2,80 €
Banana-maplesuryp mini pancakes (LF) 4,00 € 
Lingonberry pie (LF, MF) 4,20 €
Mini lemon cheesecake (LF,GF)  4,50 €
Blueberry cake (LF, GF)  5,50 €
Carrot cake (LF)  5,50 €
Profiterole, chocolate or caramel  1,50 €

Roast beef sandwich-cake (LF,GL)  5,90 €
Goat cheese & beetroot bake (LF,GF)  5,50 €

email: info(at) or phone +358 16 322 2822.

The prices are valid  1.8.- 31.12.2019. We reserve the right to make alterations.


Weddings in Korundi

Have your dream wedding in Korundi House of Culture!
Beautiful surroundings and architecture make Korundi a unique wedding venue.
All wedding menus are tailored according to the specific wishes of the happy couple.
We do everything to make sure your special day will be memorable and successful!
Please contact or +358 50 378 7761