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Korundi House of Culture is one of the most significant cultural destinations in Rovaniemi. The Rovaniemi Art Museum and Lapland Chamber Orchestra also operate in this wonderfully modernized and historical building. The elegant spaces, the closeness of inspiring art and music, and its central location make Korundi stand out as a functional meeting and event venue in Rovaniemi. Korundi Kitchen & Café skillfully plans menus to suit every occasion. Events can also be arranged with complimentary programs, such as concerts, performances and exhibitions.

The combination of Rovaniemi’s old building style mixed with modern architecture is what makes Korundi’s façade and appearance so truly unique. Originally constructed in 1933 to serve as a mail truck depot, Korundi has been remodeled by the architectural firm Juhani Pallasmaa, and is one of the few buildings to remain intact and standing in Rovaniemi after Word War II.

Renting facilities

Korundi House of Culture’s facilities can be rented for various events, concerts and conferences.

The Korundi Sales Service can help you to organise your event:
Telephone: +358 50 378 7761

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Korundi hall

Korundi’s main concert hall offers a highend venue for meetings, seminars and other events. The amazing acoustics of the Korundi Hall are sure to meet and exceed any and all musical needs. Korundi Hall can accommodate up to 340 guests.

Korundi concert hall can be used as well as conference, lecture and teaching purposes. Equipment of the Korundi concert hall is design to support all perspectives of performance. It is possible to extend the equipment system with a rental or borrow arsenal.

The wildth of the concert hall stage is 13,5 meters, depth 6,40 meters and by the stairs 5,07 meters. The height of the stage is 0,725 meters. There are 17 rows of seats in the concert hall and 20 seats in every row. The height of the concert hall is 12 meters.

Korundi’s gem is Korundi Hall that is known for its warm atmosphere and beautiful acoustics.

Facility services includes flipchart, laptop computer, data/video projection system (5000 ANSI lumenia, 1900x 1080 Compression pump resolution), 2 basic microphones for generally use, VHS video recorder and DVD- recorder. The AV technician sets up all the necessary equipment and instructs the client in its use. After the meeting, the AV technician switches off all the equipment and prepares the meeting room for the next function.

Panorama of Korundi hall
Korundi hall technology



In the elegant foyer area, old and new architecture meet in a lovely way. The original mail truck depot’s brick walls are still visible and the foyer’s large glass windows face the inner courtyard. This inviting space is well-suited for business presentations, cocktail events or small shows and performances.

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Musician's Foyer

This flat floor space is great for meetings, group workshops or dining for 30 to 50 guests.

Meeting room

The bright Meeting Room is perfect for small meetings, workshops, a private dining room or as a performer’s break room. The Meeting Room accommodates up to 18 people.

Art Library

The Art Library is an intimate space for small meetings for 20-30 persons. It is also well-suited for group workshops being held as a part of larger meetings or seminars

Art halls

The art museum’s exhibition halls can be rented for a variety of events, such as meetings, lectures and different kind of events. The presence of art creates an inspiring environment for events of all kinds

Art halls A1–A4

The A art halls are located on the ground floor. The largest of the halls, A1, is divided into two sections: a 297,8 m² main area and a 64 m² back area. A cargo lift, large enough to hold a car, is located between these areas.

Art halls Y1–Y5

The Y art halls are located on the upper floor.

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Restaurant catering service

The inviting 100-seat restaurant offers highquality catering to meet the needs of any meeting or event. The space can also be used for meetings and workshops, cocktail events and evening gatherings. The restaurant is also a wonderful venue for weddings or other celebrations.

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Examples of menus for meetings and events:

Price list for ordered coffee servings
Cocktail menus
Buffet menus
Dinner menus
Conference and group lunch, Saturday
Conference and group servings, climate and locality

To find out more about our offer for business meetings, or any other special events, please contact us by email or phone +358 50 378 7761

Intermission refreshments

Café serves guests during intermission and opens one hour before concert/event starts.


You can order intermission refreshments and servings in advance at Korundi information.


Mundo coffee  2,90 €
Tea  2,90 €
Soft drink (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta)  3,00 €
Juice (orange or apple)  2,50 €
Grandi –juice box  2,00 €

Beer 0,33l  6,00 €
Seasonal beer  8,00 €
Cider 0,33l  6,50 €
Long Drink 0,33l  7,00 €
Piccolo red wine / white wine / sparkling wine  9,00 €

Sweet bun (LF)     3,20 €
Cookie    3,50 €
Vilhelmiina –cookie (LF)   3,50 €
Blueberry pie & vanilla sauce (LL)  4,20 €
Tiramisu    4,50 €
Chocolate pastry (LF,GF)   5,90 €
Banana-peanut pastry (LF,GF)   5,90 €

Reindeer pie/pasty (LF)   5,50 €
Salmonmousse cake (LF,GF)   5,90 €

email: info(at) or phone +358 16 322 2822.

The prices are valid  1.8.- 31.12.2020. We reserve the right to make alterations.


Weddings in Korundi

Have your dream wedding in Korundi House of Culture! Beautiful surroundings and architecture make Korundi a unique wedding venue. All wedding menus are tailored according to the specific wishes of the happy couple. We do everything to make sure your special day will be memorable and successful!

Please contact or +358 50 378 7761

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